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     The concept of bringing the underwater experience to the screen began with a casual request at a dinner party. Long time diver, and locally recognized underwater videographer and photographer David Cowan showed a preview from one of his custom undersea films to a friend. The beauty and tranquility of the underwater scenes struck her so, that she requested a video to be made that she could play on her television set. It seemed silly to have a blank box staring at her all day long, when she could sit back and relax in front of an amazing array of marine life instead, or enjoy the comfort of having it playing in the background, the soothing music lifting and relaxing her spirits.

     Digital Aquarium was born. David began concentrating his efforts on creating a tranquil, relaxing, and engaging blend of underwater video experiences. An expert diver and underwater videographer, David collected undersea footage of the beautiful marine life just off the coast of Palm Beach County, Florida.

     The result? A relaxing video sojourn into the vibrant underwater world. Viewers relax and enjoy nearly an hour of tranquil images and soothing music. Play it to engage your television during dinner parties, casual gatherings or during a quiet relaxing afternoon. Not only does the Digital Aquarium provide a melodic and interesting conversation piece, it opens up a room in an entirely new way. For professionals, did you ever wish there was something more to offer your clients as they sit in your waiting room? Something to occupy and calm them as they anticipate the visit to the dentist, doctor, accountant or attorney? What a perfect way to calm, relax, and entertain your clientele! Not only for doctors, but masseuses as well. Let your clients relax on the message table or chair, watching the ebb and flow of Florida marine life, listening to the sounds of light mood music. Relaxation therapy for children or adults can always use an aquatic relaxation video of this kind.

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