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Computers Etc is offering a Free 23 Point Network Analysis ... If you have a 2 system network or a 100 system network, through this offer, we can advise you at no charge. This Analysis includes nine basic areas of your network... of which 23 sub-component areas will be analyzed.

They are:
  1. Wiring
  2. Protocol
  3. File Strategies
  4. Backup Systems
  5. Backup Strategies
  6. Maintenance Strategy
  7. Anti-Virus Protection
  8. Security
  9. Hardware Compatibility

We give you a verbal report on the basic condition of your network and recommend any implementations that we see may improve your network efficiency... This Analysis is completely Free... no obligation and no charge to you... The Analysis can take up to an hour and can be very valuable to the efficiency of your office envionment. Don't pass the Free offer is limited to the first 50 calls.

Because we pride ourselves on personalized service we are only taking on, 25 new clients...That way we can give you the personalized attention your firm needs to be proficient at what you do. Computers Etc. is your Small Business Networking Solution Source for your business.

Call now for your appointment!!! and give the code 434